When is the right time to remodel my pool?

When is the right time to remodel my pool?

What should a homeowner consider when deciding to remodel their pool? This question can cause sleepless nights and a stretch of paralysis for the homeowner who wants to determine the “right” time to remodel and update their pool, spa and landscaping. For some, the question comes up when purchasing a home with a pool, neglected by a previous owner. There are many factors to consider and choices to be made in coming to this decision. Carey Custom Designs can guide you through this process and present you with the latest advances in products and technology as well as create a design that will incorporate your style into an updated and refreshed backyard.

One of the first things to consider is the age and functionality of the pool. Are the plumbing and electrical elements functioning and up to the latest codes? Are the pumps operating at an optimum and are they energy efficient, variable speed? Would you like to add more lighting or water features that weren’t in the budget when the pool was first built? Obsolete and nonfunctioning elements should be upgraded for energy efficiency, which can save money, while adding to the enjoyment of your pool. If these things are keeping you from using your pool when you want to, then the time is right for a remodel.

Next determine the condition of the pool itself. If the surface of the pool is chipped, cracked, peeling, or not the color, or type that you would like to have now, resurfacing can bring it back to life. Plaster, Tile, Pebble and Quartz surfaces can be redone for a fresh new look and give you an upgrade that adds to the value of you pool. Tile edging is a giveaway to the age of your pool. Older styles are just that. New designs and colors are available that can look more natural like stone, or sophisticated like glass tiles.

Take some time to assess the size of the pool. Does it fit the needs of your family today, and is it proportional in size to your property? Perhaps you would like something bigger for your family to enjoy more, or on the opposite side, something smaller with more deck and patio space for entertaining.

Now take a close look at your decking and hard surfaces. Cracks, staining, peeling and chips are obvious signs of wear and tear, and a reality of our hot sunny climate. Resurfacing or new, upgraded hardscapes from pavers to travertine, can update and upgrade your entire project.

Finally, how is the landscaping holding up? Have the trees outgrown the space, with roots damaging the hard surfaces? Are bushes and plantings overflowing their boundaries with areas choked by brown spots and dead branches? A variety of desert plants and colorful flowering bushes mixed in with size appropriate trees, will bring the beauty back to your backyard, while conserving water and saving money.

Any or all of these issues can indicate that the time is “right” for a remodel. Carey Custom Designs has the design professionals with expertise to transform your aging backyard into one that you can be proud of.


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