Room to Grow, Enhance & Update – Additions to project 89139

Room to Grow, Enhance & Update – Additions to project 89139

Often clients find that it is in the best interest of their budget or lifestyle to do their backyard pool project in stages, as time and budget allow. Some find changes in lifestyle or circumstances dictate additions, modifications or updates to their original backyard project. Such is the case with the ongoing project 89139.

This client added several projects to the original pool design in the past few years, to reflect modifications to his lifestyle and taste. New updates to his residence now include planter walls to enhance the landscaping, additional concrete patio areas to expand his entertaining options, and stone facades, added to the front of the residence to tie the look and style of the front and back yards together.

Homeowners find their outdoor areas evolve over time, even when their original pool project is considered “finished”. Just as in nature, trees grow, and landscaping matures and expands with time.  Advancements in technology bring new and updated products to the consumer every season, many resulting in cost savings through energy efficiency. Families expand and contract as well, and personal styles and taste morph as circumstances change. Time and change are constants that we can truly rely on!

With this in mind, homeowners do not need to feel locked in to their finished backyard project for eternity. Progress will be made in future products, materials and technology. While many aspects of the design will stand the test of time, change is a natural process in all things. Homeowners can continue to enjoy their backyard by allowing themselves the freedom to make adjustments and enhancements to suit their own evolution and circumstances.

Pictures from this project will be added soon.

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