Dream House, but not Dream Backyard – New homeowners project

Dream House, but not Dream Backyard – New homeowners project

New clients of Carey Custom Designs have recently purchased a resale house, and although the dream home has a large grassy lot, it is not their dream backyard. Moving in to their new dream lifestyle, they are downsizing but still needing welcoming entertaining space for extended family and grand kids.

Don’t Settle

Many new homeowners find themselves in this position, making compromises to their wish list when purchasing the home they want, in an area they desire. But this can be an advantage, as our new clients have realized, and they won’t have to settle for less than they desire. Carey Custom Designs will help them explore options to replace an expanse of grass with a pool and family friendly entertaining space, creating their own dream backyard. They will have a design more suitable to their taste, with their budget in mind, and fulfill the desire to accommodate their family gatherings.

Add Value

This client’s dream backyard will include a pool and spa, with patio hardscapes for lounging, family barbecues, and  entertaining gatherings. Desert landscaping, or xeriscape, conserves water at a cost savings as well, cutting down on the expense of maintaining so much grass. They also want a detached garage added to the back of the property. We can design and create everything on their wish list, making all of these dreams come to life. The goal is to enhance their lifestyle with their dream backyard, while adding value to the property. This win-win approach to their challenges is a hallmark of the vision that Carey Custom Designs brings to each design project.

We will post updates to their project and add pictures as the work progresses.


This project was completed in under 3 months and our clients are truly enjoying their new dream backyard pool and lifestyle, with their family! Pictures coming!


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